by Becca Sheahan – Liturgy Coordinator

Hello, welcome to the Convivium! I am so grateful that you are able to join us today. A part of the Convivium is to recognize the graduating seniors and thank them for sharing their gifts with our StoutCatholic community over the past years.

While everyone who is graduating has given an important part of their time and talents to the StoutCatholic community, I think it is equally important to recognize all that we have received from StoutCatholic. Looking back at the amount of love, respect, and personal growth I experienced over the past four years, I am left speechless. There are no words to accurately describe the way my presence in this community has shaped me into the person I am today. It is a gift beyond anything I could have ever earned or even desired for myself. For each part of myself I have given, God has returned with a call to serve more and to surrender more to His greater plan.

My story with StoutCatholic is a simple one. It began with my attendance of Thursday Dinner & Discussions and service trips my freshman year. During this time, I witnessed a faith that went beyond my current understanding of the Church and what it meant to be Catholic. While I couldn’t fully articulate what these people had that I was missing, I was drawn to the way they talked about their faith. I am grateful for their example because it encouraged me to learn more about what I believed.

At the end of my freshman year, I was invited to become more involved as a graphic designer, and I volunteered to step forward to coordinate the liturgical ministers through scheduling Sunday Mass. Both of these commitments were small gifts of my time, but they led to much more. As a senior, I now serve on the leadership team as the liturgical coordinator for the Sunday Student Mass and Encounter (our monthly Mass and Adoration event), and I have been fortunate enough to continue to design a wide variety of materials for our ministry.

It has been amazing to work with and walk alongside the StoutCatholic community during my time at Stout, and I am grateful for each moment. Though I am saddened at the thought of leaving this behind, I am encouraged by the bright future that StoutCatholic has ahead and firmly believe that our ministry would not be where it is today without the contributions of each of the seniors leaving our community. While saying goodbye will be challenging, I would like to close with this reminder from Matthew Kelly’s The Rhythm of Life. I invite both those who are leaving and those who are just beginning to remember:


“The good we do is never lost; it never dies. In other people, in other places, in other times–the good we do lives on forever.”

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