Trusting Timing

//Trusting Timing

Trusting Timing

by Megan Klatt – Service Coordinator


Trust is hard.

In my experience, one of the most difficult things to have trust about is the timing of life.  I often find myself stopping and thinking “this is bad timing” or “that couldn’t have happened at a worse time.”  The fact of the matter is God has perfect timing and I need to work hard to remember if I would only trust him everything would work out better than I could ever imagine.  This can be shown many places in the bible; one example is Ephesians 3:20 which reads “God has more in store for you than you can even imagine.”

However, as I already mentioned trust is hard.  Trusting God means giving up control over your life, it means you can’t plan everything, and it means even when you do plan things they won’t always work out like you wanted.  There are so many examples I can think of when timing didn’t seem to not work out well in the beginning; but looking back on it, it worked out for the better in the long run.  I know that my personality type is very task orientated, I like to have a plan of how to get things done not just where I’m going, and I’m addicted to my outlook calendar; as a result giving up control over anything is a remarkably scary prospect for me.

Society has ingrained this feeling in many people.  There is constant pressure to know what you want to do and what the concrete steps are to get you there.  This is prevalent not only in education and careers but also when it comes to relationships.   There are expectations of where you should be at what age and that is not how life works.  Life is messy and everyone’s story is supposed to be different, this is something I often forget.  I find myself comparing my life to others and that is when I start to get discouraged and mistrust God’s timing.  Figuring out a way to break free from this constant cycle of comparing and lacking trust will bring an immense peace and will make life much more enjoyable.  In all things from school to friendships to relationships to finding a job everything will happen in its own time and trusting in that will make life a lot easier.

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