True Thankfulness

//True Thankfulness

True Thankfulness

By Megan Klatt – Service Coordinator

“What are you most thankful for?”  If you are anything like me you have been asked this question at least once a year growing up most likely around Thanksgiving time.  Some days this question can be easy to answer, other days it can feel like your most difficult task.  Feeling appreciated is one of the best feelings you can have and the other great thing about it is that you can easily give this feeling to others.  All it takes is one little phrase, “Thank You.”  These two simple words are so very important but can often be forgotten.  When someone holds a door for you, chances are you will most likely say thank you to them.  In this situation it is easy because the action is direct and the response is immediate.  But what about when your roommate does the dishes or takes out the trash, do you thank them every time?  I know I am guilty of not expressing my gratitude nearly as often as I should.  It can be easy for things to become routine and common place and more difficult to remember to be thankful for them.

I once read the quote “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”  I know somedays I wouldn’t be waking up with much.  Now this obviously isn’t how God operates but it is sure pretty eye opening to think about.  I know that gaining this perspective really helped me to focus on the fact that life and everything in it is a gift from God.  Telling God thank you has the same effect as it does telling the stranger who holds the door for you.  It shows not only appreciation but also love for the other person.

I’d invite you to take a moment to think about those things that you might take for granted, what ways other than words that someone might be saying thank you or you might thank someone, and most importantly and simply put what you are thankful for.  Don’t let this practice stop with Thanksgiving, keep being thankful at the forefront of your mind all year long.

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